7 Tips for Creating Proposals that Sell

Unless you a unique and exceptionally rare kind of professional or work in a very exotic market niche with little to no competition, you are most likely to be one of many individuals struggling for their share of the predominantly buyer’s market.

That said, you need to face the inevitable: every contract and every deal you plan on be closing will be - to this or that extent -  the product of self-promotion, your presentation skills and, ultimately, your ability to put yourself into your clients’ shoes and give them exactly what they are looking for.To help you get up to speed faster, I’d like to share these tips on creating proposals that will really set you and your offer aside:

1) Forget your English class essay writing guidelines - place the thesis part above everything else.

Your primary objective is to demonstrate your vision of the final result that meets the client’s expectations and needs. And since it’s a business proposal, don’t build up the tension and leave the best for the last page - otherwise, there is a pretty good chance your client-to-be will put it away after skimming through the first dozen lines. Once you’ve shown your understanding of the purpose of the client’s project, you can move one to the next level and detail the means of reaching this goal.

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6 Free Tools to check Social Media Backlinks

Using social media sites like Digg, Stumbleupon and Twitter is a great way to gain popularity and getting visitors to your web site.

I found these free online tools for monitoring your social media backlinks. You can also use them for analyzing social media backlinks of your competitors. This is very useful for discovering methods that another sites use for promoting in social media.

Socialscan.com - this free social media backlink checker is one of my favorite. This is a tool for checking a website link popularity among popular social sites like Delicious, Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Myweb, Technorati, Shadows, Bloglines, Simpy, Blinklist, Diigo and Furl.

Socialmention.com - one of the best social media backlink tools around. You can sort mentions by date, source, postrank and filter results. Socialmention is a real time search platform. You can receive free daily email alerts of your brand, company, marketing campaign, on a developing news story or a competitor. There is another great feature - you can display realtime social buzz on your site or blog.

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How to check PR for internal pages at one time

Few days ago I was looking for some online service or software for checking individual Google Pagerank of my web pages.

Of course, you can do that with Google Toolbar, but it’s time consuming - you have to manually open every single page.

Finally I found this service - http://www.mypranalyzer.com/multiple-pagerank-checker.php , it will let you check individual PR of 100 web pages at one time.

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