What Google’s Real Time Search Means to SEO


Twitter and Google’s Real-Time Search are this year’s main buzz and so far it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Google has announced it’s real time search feature on 7th of December, 2009.

What Google’s Real Time Search Means to SEO

Real time search brings a dynamic stream of real-time content to enhance regular search results. Google users can see a scrollable area on the Google results page.

I like the idea of real-time results in Google SERPs. I’m sure that new feature extends the usefulness of search engines.

What Google’s Real Time Search Means to SEO now and in the future?

SEO is Now Even More Closely Connected to Social Media

Google now streams real-time results from Twitter and from public pages on MySpace, Facebook, and other sources. New search feature is poised to have an important effect on SEO in the social media sphere.

Fast Indexing

In the past, it may have taken several minutes, hours or even days for content to be indexed by the search engine. Now there’s no more waiting period - it’s searchable via Google right after publishing (in most cases).

Social Media is Getting More Authority

We can guess that new Google’s search algorithm has increased importance of Social Media. I think that Google considers social media updates as a part of a different segment in search results. It means that social media are specialized and not fully-integrated to general search results.

What else Google’s real-time search means to SEO? Please share your thoughts!

Mike Shakin

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