10 Ways to Get More Facebook Fans

Everyone wants more Facebook fans. Do you have a Facebook page? If you want to gain even more fans, you should improve your Facebook page and then follow these 10 steps.

10 Ways to Get More Facebook Fans

1. Update your Facebook page regularly. Updating it on a regular basis is the way to gain more visitors and achieve higher rankings in the search engines.

2. Your status updates should not be too long. Keep in mind that Facebook status update has 420 character limit. Try to make it not longer than 100-140. I suggest you to follow Twitter’s 140 rule to keep your updates short and digestible.

3. Organize Facebook activities for your fans. Run a couple of events to keep your Facebook fans active.

4. Create photo albums on your Facebook page. To do that go to the “Photos” tab on your Facebook profile and click the “Create a Photo Album”.

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