List of 31 Dofollow Social and Bookmarking Sites


“DoFollow is the opposite of “NoFollow”. The no follow tag tells the search engines not to follow the link and not to pass on any credibility to any other web sites. Most of popular resources have “nofollow” feature enabled. This made effective link building difficult for both honest website owners and spammers.

List of 31 Dofollow Social and Bookmarking Sites

You can get backlinks to your articles and by adding them for free to dofollow social and bookmarking sites.

Here is my fresh list of 31 DoFollow Social and Bookmarking Sites ordered by Google PageRank:

PR 9

PR 8

PR 7

PR 6

PR 5

PR 4

PR 3

If you know more - feel free to post it in comments.

Mike Shakin

Image: Reuters

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