It’s Time to Add Google Buzz to Your SEO Toolbox


A few days ago Google has announced new service - Google Buzz. It appears now in every Gmail account. Since then, millions of Gmail users have checked Buzz out.

It’s Time to Add Google Buzz to Your SEO Toolbox

More than 9 million of posts and comments were created for the first two days after launching Google Buzz.

So how will Google Buzz help your search marketing efforts?

Let’s start with the obvious. Buzz is completely new tool that helps you create your own social network based on your Gmail contacts. It will also help you to increase the audience of your blog.

Google Buzz allows users to post views and share it with the public or a specific group. You can create a buzz by boosting the views with images, videos and link extensions.

I think that it is not right to compare Google Buzz to Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed or Google Wave. It’s something completely different. However, i doubt that there will be massive migration from Twitter and Facebook to Google Buzz.

It doesn’t have thousands of Apps, Web and Desktop clients like Twitter, it doesn’t have hundreds of ways for sharing like Twitter and other Social Networks. Google Buzz just needs time to settle. I’m sure Google Buzz has the capacity to gain market share fast. By the way there is Wordpress plugin for Google Buzz already, and it’s just a beginning.

Google Buzz has some advantages in comparison with Twitter: there is no  character limit, you can attach a link with the post and you can edit your posts and comments. Another advantage - Google could integrate Buzz into many of their side-projects such as Google Docs, Google Maps, Blogger, Youtube, Google Chrome, Google Chrome OS and Google Android.

Google Buzz didn’t enable any outward sharing for the moment, but i think they’ll fix it pretty soon. It’s too early to say which way Google Buzz is going since it’s still in it’s early times. It’s far too early to dismiss Google Buzz, however.

I believe Google Buzz is going to set up a benchmark in terms of Social Media Marketing. It’s the best time to start building your Buzz community today. Google Buzz is starting a revolution and setting new ground rules. And it’s only just begun.

Add Google Buzz into your search marketing toolbox and who knows, may be it will become an ultimate SEO weapon in your online arsenal!

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Mike Shakin

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