8 Tips for Getting in Google’s Real-Time Search Results


There are few ways to get found in Google’s real-time searches. The main idea - you have to get people talking about your website.

8 Tips for Getting in Google’s Real-Time Search Results

Google’s real-time search is all about Twitter and Facebook, so go ahead and join by opening up Facebook and Twitter accounts. Without it you couldn’t get in real time search results.

1. Integrate Twitter with your website

The first thing you have must do - add a Twitter retweet button to your site. It’ll help to spread the word about your content. I prefer Tweetmeme retweet button. You can also integrate your Twitter conversations with your website. The best way to do that is to add Twitter gadget. The more tweets you get - the more chances your site has to appear in search engine’s result pages.

2. Use Twitter #hashtags

Seacrh engine optimization will now play an even bigger role in real-time search. Twitter hashtags will now appear in search results, and if your tweets are tagged - they can drive additional targeted visitors to your website and help to get quality backlinks.

3. Use Relevant Keywords

Try to use relevant keywords in your metatags, content, titles and in tweets. You can also use keywords as #hashtags in Twitter. That way you can save some space for retweets.

4. Use Google Hot Trends

Google Hot Trends is a great source of popular topics to talk and write about.

5. Twitter Trends

With such Twitter global use it definitely makes sense to monitor most popular trends people are discussing. Use Tweetmeme to spot topics which are hot on Twitter.

6. Build Your Reputation

Building your online reputation is your biggest responsibility. For example, hosting your blog with your own domain name is a great way to build a solid online reputation. Make friends on social networks, discuss different topics with your readers, do not spam, and write quality content. With a solid online reputation your content has much more chances to get in Google’s real time search results.

7. Update Your Content Regularly

The key to success in real time search results is updating your content on a regular basis. You don’t have to write new posts every single day, 2-3 new articles a week is fine. Update your blog regularly, keep a schedule.

8. Easy Sharing

Make it easy for your content to be shared by your readers. For example, you can put AddThis button at the end of your posts that make it easy for your content to be shared.

Mike Shakin

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