Ultimate List of 42 Free Keyword Research Tools

Keywords are very important for optimizing your website. If your pages are properly optimized, they can bring you much more targeted visitors from search engine result pages.

There are several ways to find keywords for your pages. One of the best and most popular is to use free keyword research tools.

Today i’m going to talk about online tools (free tools, browser extensions and free versions of paid services) and desktop software (free and paid with free trial period).

Keyword research tools cannot fetch real-time data about keywords for every search, so they cache information.

Here is my list of free keyword research tools that will help you to find appropriate words and phrases for your website.

Free online keyword research tools

1. Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Probably one of the best free keyword research tools for SEO available online is Google’s own keyword tool. Just enter one keyword or phrase per line to see related keywords. You can apply different filters like broad, exact or phrase match types. You can also select different languages and countries to search for keyword phrases.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool also has a feature to show keyword ideas and statistics for desktop and laptop devices and different types of mobile devices (WAP, mobile devices with full internet browsers).

Google AdWords Keyword Tool settings

In keyword ideas tab you will see columns like Keyword, Competition, Global Monthly Searches, Global Local Searches, Ad Share, Google Search Network, Search Share, Approximate CPC (cost-per-click bid), Local Search Trends graph and Extracted From Webpage. I suggest you to enable all available columns by checking on Columns button on the right hand side:

Google AdWords Tool columns

After you finish you can download search results in CSV format. I highly recommend to use Google Keyword Tool because it’s free tool from Google and it has all features that are needed for keyword research.

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5 Effective Methods to Deal With Blogging Fatigue

5 Effective Methods to Deal With Blogging FatigueBloggers are passionate people, who want to share information, thoughts or new ideas through their very own space - their blog. They write informative or entertaining stuff, invite people to read and share reviews, join blogger communities, share their blogs to reader communities and enjoy excellent remarks from people.

But, things are not always the same. Writing is such a task that takes a lot of patience and newness is always demanded. If fresh content is not available for writing and writer’s mind cannot think of any fresh topic to express his/her views, there emerges a situation of writer’s blockage, which certainly leads to blogging fatigue.

Blogging burnout syndrome is the situation, where blogger suffers through a particular state of mind. He/she doesn’t find writing for blogs, posting them on the page and sharing thoughts interesting anymore. This situation can become a source of depression, if not treated well. Hence, the blogger has to make sure that complete precautionary measures are taken in this series. Some of the major things that a blogger can do to overcome the annoying situation of fatigue include following.

1. Take a short time break from blogging

Sometimes, working on a blog on routine basis becomes the reason behind monotony. It creates the vicious circles of disinterest in the bloggers. To deal with such types of blogging fatigue, it is necessary to take a short break and get unplugged for few months. This acts as perfect source of rejuvenation to the customers.

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4 Factors for Long-Term Success with Niche Marketing

4 Factors for Long-Term Success with Niche MarketingNiche marketing is extremely useful way to surpass your competitors. There are a lot of different niche markets but it is very important to find the one that will offer you the most chance for success because most of them are not profitable enough.

If you are going to spend your time and money you need to figure out which niche to target. I’ll describe 4 most important factors for long-term success with niche marketing.

1. Motivation

If you are not interested in niche don’t even choose it because you will not be able to update your site on a regular basis during two or three years or longer without motivation.

Think about niche. Is it really interesting? Will chosen niche be profitable?

Sometimes it may look like you have a great motivation and you may feel like you can target any niche you want. Wait for a few days and see what will happen. If you are not that motivated and don’t even think about this niche - think about something else.

Finding right marketing niche always takes time. It’s much better to think and analyze before than wasting your time and money on niche that will not be profitable.

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7 Tips for Creating Proposals that Sell

Unless you a unique and exceptionally rare kind of professional or work in a very exotic market niche with little to no competition, you are most likely to be one of many individuals struggling for their share of the predominantly buyer’s market.

That said, you need to face the inevitable: every contract and every deal you plan on be closing will be - to this or that extent -  the product of self-promotion, your presentation skills and, ultimately, your ability to put yourself into your clients’ shoes and give them exactly what they are looking for.To help you get up to speed faster, I’d like to share these tips on creating proposals that will really set you and your offer aside:

1) Forget your English class essay writing guidelines - place the thesis part above everything else.

Your primary objective is to demonstrate your vision of the final result that meets the client’s expectations and needs. And since it’s a business proposal, don’t build up the tension and leave the best for the last page - otherwise, there is a pretty good chance your client-to-be will put it away after skimming through the first dozen lines. Once you’ve shown your understanding of the purpose of the client’s project, you can move one to the next level and detail the means of reaching this goal.

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